Sunday, 7 May 2017


I'm losing myself again
Into the familiar chasm
I look for its sharp brim 
It's out of hand's reach.
I can't find the edges 
To hold on to.
I am slipping,

I've lost it all again
I am in the darkness
I feel like the dark
Losing all my senses.
I can't find purpose
To hold on to.
I am splitting,

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Thirty Emotions

Sometimes I convince myself
I'm feeling thirty emotions
All at the same time.
They eat at my everything,
Thirty emotions, they do not fade.
They ask to be cut out,
So I do, releasing them
Into this madness I find myself in.

Sometimes I convince myself
That these thirty emotions
Keep me a little sane,
Reminding me about feeling,
Always, I am drowning
In their tears, in mine.
Wishing that they'll stop
I walk a little closer to the ledge.

Sometimes I convince myself
I am just a shadow.
It does not matter
If I cease to exist
Shadows, they fade.
They need some light,
A place to fall onto,
Something for their temporality.

Sometimes I convince myself
I have just a few seconds
Before my light runs out.
Maybe shadows are missed
Always, I am fading.
The faces I fall on to,
Have too much dark,
I, a shadow, cannot make my mark.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

On Life

Beside yellow streetlights,
On cold concrete steps we sit,
Banalities of life are the topic.
Besides the oscillating sounds of airplanes above,
On stale concrete steps we sit.
The atmosphere seems so static.

But such is the beauty of life,
As blissful as the yellow light
Reflecting on the branches of trees,
Swayed by the cool breeze.
A monotonous cricket chirps the sounds of night.
Simple, subtle, quiet.
The moment beautiful, worth a keep.

(Someone, who wished to be unnamed, helped me complete this.)